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FM Synth Tutorial – Signals, Carriers, Modulators and Waves with the RedLion FM Synth

In Frequency Modulating (FM) synthesis, carriers are the origin of our sounds.

RedLion is an 8 signal FM synth and each of the signals can be used as either a carrier (an audible wave that is subject to frequency modulation) or a modulator (a modulating wave that is not audible).

The sounds hear from an FM synth are made up of the outputs of all active carriers, modulated by any active modulators.

Whether a signal acts as a carrier or modulator is determined by the algorithm selected. When a signal number has yellow text and is present at the bottom of the algorithm, the signal is a carrier. Signals featuring white text will operate as modulators.

This video explains these concepts in detail and demonstrates these concepts with RedLion.

Why not download RedLion now and try yourself?