RedLion FM Synth VST & AU – Demo Version

RedLion is a unique and powerful frequency modulating soft synth which comes in VST and AU formats for both Windows and MacOS.

This is a totally free demo download with full, non-time limited, operation. The only difference between this and the full version is that a vaguely annoying tone is produced by the demo synth on a fairly regular basis.

The demo version will, however, give you a full overview of all of the amazing features of RedLion and will perhaps persuade you to part with your hard earned cash in return for the many hours we have expended on it’s creation!

Frequency modulating synthesisers create sounds so complex that subtractive synths cower in their wake.

We’ve worked hard to ensure that RedLion takes FM synthesis to new heights, with clear and transparent control over settings and patches. RedLion’s unique workflow enables the creation of truly groundbreaking sounds.

The user interface for RedLion moves away from the traditional concept of ‘programming’ a frequency modulating synth and towards a performance-orientated ‘analogue’ style approach. There are no menus, displays or up and down arrows: the synth is entirely controlled by knobs and switches and can very easily be edited in real-time, either while creating new sounds or during performances. It is a world away from the origins of the FM synth movement and offers the ability to quickly and easily generate amazing sounds.

RedLion has been created to help you start creating your own FM patches with as little up-front hassle as possible. Included are a range of presets covering strings, organs, pianos, pads, basses and a host of other-worldly sounds unique to the FM synthesis world. These can be used a convenient starting points for your own sounds and to help you learn your way around the interface.

In addition to offering one of the most user-friendly interfaces ever seen on an FM synth, RedLion features the following:

  • Orthogonal Audio’s acclaimed frequency modulating engine
  • Eight distinct signals that can function as both audio and modulation channels
  • 64 voice polyphony
  • Signal wave mix from square -> sine -> saw
  • Signal ratio from 0:1 to 16:1, available in both constrained and free modes
  • Fine tune pitch control on all signals
  • Pan controls on all signals for unique stereo sounds
  • Volume envelopes on all signals
  • Modulation wheel and note velocity intensity control with adjustable sensitivity
  • 14 powerful algorithms
  • A low pass filter with separate envelope for a range of funky sounds
  • Delay
  • Pitch wheel sensitivity
  • Frequency and amplitude modulating LFO with delay