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FM Synth Tutorial – Using the Low Frequency Oscillator with the RedLion FM Synth

Well, the RedLion FM Synth wouldn’t be complete without it’s very own Low Frequency Oscillator (LFO).

Featuring frequency and amplitude modulation capability, the LFO is capable of generating a wide range of effects from the most subtle movement to the most extreme modulation.

The LFO also features the ability to delay the onset of the LFO on a note-by-note basis, enabling you to use the LFO to generate a range of effects as a note progresses.

All in all, the LFO in the RedLion FM Synth is flexible and powerful. Wield it wisely!

This FM Synth video tutorial shows exactly how the RedLion LFO operates and gives tips on how it can be used in patches to add the kind of dynamic effects you’re looking for.

FM Synth Tutorial – Using the Delay Effect with the RedLion FM Synth

Delay is a great tool to have at your disposal on any synth, and RedLion’s delay doesn’t disappoint.

From ultra fast delay times used to create reverb-like effects, to slooooooow delays that can repeat endlessly, the RedLion delay effect has something for everyone.

In this RedLion FM Synth tutorial we demonstrate the delay in detail and how you can use it in your sounds to add that something special.

FM Synth Tutorial – Glissando and Glide with the RedLion FM Synth

Looking for a bit of movement in your life? Don’t like sharp corners but more of a gradual curve?

Use the ‘Glide’ feature of the RedLion FM Synth to move seamlessly and smoothly between notes. At high settings you can slide gloriously from one extreme to another.

Check out the glide feature in the RedLion FM Synth tutorial below to experience some gliding for yourself…